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Article Writing

What is article writing?

Ans⇒ Article writing is a piece of prose writing which is non-fictional. It is published in newspapers and magazines as a printed version, and It is also published on the website.

General rules of an article writing

  • You can share your views, but can not tell about yourself.

  • It should be written in the Present tense.

  • You should tell people about the topic by convincing them what you say. You should tell what it is, what it should be, and what change should be brought so that people can think about the topic in their way.

  • An article contains (i)Title (ii)Byline (iii)Content

  • There should be three parts in content-a)Introductory paragraph b)Body c)Concluding paragraph

  • The title should be eye-catchy. The writer’s name should be mentioned as per the question paper.



1. Write an article on the advantages of a positive attitude.


Advantages of a positive attitude


      by XYZ

We should follow all the steps which lead us to be positive and make others positive. A positive attitude refers to the optimistic mental state that makes us believe in our abilities and fills our souls with a ray of hope. It builds a correct approach toward our actions, in which people easily say ‘I can’ instead of ‘I cannot’. It enriches us with strength and confidence and teaches us to think big and act bigger than we think. It enhances our faith in our abilities and brings happiness and curiosity.


With the help of a positive attitude, most people including school-going children reduce stress and face psychological problems in their daily lives with courage and conviction. They can deal with failure and disappointments as an obstacle in the way of success does not seem to be an unbeatable barrier to them. They surround themselves with positive people, follow healthy lifestyles, use humour in their conversations, and always share positivity with their friends and family. So building a positive attitude should be the first and foremost step in our life. 


A person with a positive attitude begins his day with an energetic smile and ends his night with a peaceful sleep. It boosts our productivity in our studies as well as all activities, so we can think constructively, talk with gratitude, and motivate others when they feel low. It influences not only our relationships but also social relationships. When we have a positive attitude, we interact with people with some positive words and work hard to fulfil our goals and attain success. Everyone must remember that we have to make our attitude positive as it defines us.

2. Write an article on the role of Cinema in Education.


Role of Cinema in Education

by ABC

Cinema is a form of art that uses light, camera, and action to narrate a story of our daily struggles, joys, and sorrows. It entertains us with comedy, changes our point of view about society, and makes us aware of trending problems that many of us face every now and then. By spending millions of dollars a producer produces a cinema, which becomes a masterpiece or useless content on the basis of its quality.  It also enriches our country with financial gains, which contribute to our education.

Cinema plays a vital role in shaping our minds. There are a number of good cinemas that enlighten us with values and wisdom, and make the majority of people think innovatively. A student is aware of his problem, and he is motivated to fulfill his goal while watching resourceful cinemas such as Three Idiots, Taare Zameen Par, Dangal, and Super 30. When someone watches Macbeth, As You Like It, Othello, and Comedy Of Errors in the form of cinema and reads these stories in his textbook, he understands his lesson with clarity. On the other hand, someone wastes his valuable time by watching crime, violence, eve-teasing, and sexual content, in which women are objectified. Some cinemas carry low-valued content and huge financial gains by attracting youth to spend their time on absurd things but hampering our brains to function well. These cinemas take us far from the reality of life. So watching movies can be convenient or inconvenient for us on the basis of our choices.


Cinema is the mirror of society. It convinces us what it says easily by portraying lively pictures of our personal life and social life. It makes us cry with pathos or laugh with humor and wit. It should contain a well-knitted story, powerful message, and fun instead of taunting, trauma, and ridiculous joke. we should understand what to watch or what to avoid as a responsible audience. Nowadays Cinemas are used as powerful aids in the field of education, but it is very limited. Our responsibility is to appreciate educational cinemas so that our upcoming generation can learn in a way that is easier than how we have learned.


3. Write an article on the harmful effects of fast food.

Harmful effects of Fast food

     by XYZ

Nowadays people consume fast food to celebrate their success and forget their failures, and harm their health themselves. We add burgers, pizza, French Fries, and sandwiches to the list of our favorite foods, and get them easily with a single click on any food delivery app or beside the footpath where a group of vendors sells them at low prices, and many restaurants offer them with heavy discount. All of the food sellers sell them as these foods are sold faster than any healthy food.

Fast food makes us feel good instantly but affects our mood, drains our energy, and enhances our stress levels in the long run. Many of us are habituated to eating fast food regularly, and after a certain time, we suffer from cancer, liver disease, dental cavities, indigestion, gastritis, ulcers, etc. Due to the consumption of excessive fast food children can not concentrate on their studies, face problems in memory, and feel sick. This way millions of children suffer from inadequate growth and development. Some people become victims of liver disease, obesity overweight, and high cholesterol at the age of twenty. Fast food also damages our respiratory system and deteriorates our skin.


We all should be aware of fast food along with its harmful effects. All schools should take drastic steps so that nobody can sell fast food in front of the school, and all parents should take care of the foods which their wards consume. We should reduce the consumption of fast food by replacing them with some nutritious foods including idli, fruit -juice, coconut water, etc. 


4. Write an article on the Importance of yoga to students.


Importance of Yoga to Students

by ABC

The word ‘Yoga’ originates from Hindu scriptures in India. It includes asanas, pranayama, and various physical and breathing exercises. Now it is appreciated for its numerous benefits not only in India but also in every nook and corner of the ever-growing world. Yoga plays a pivotal role in building a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, and shaping our posture. It helps students in improving their attention span, understand their lessons, and taking meaningful decisions according to the situation. With the help of yoga, a student can get control over their emotions and unnecessary impulses, and he gains strength in his body and mind.

The practice of Yoga not only develops strength, flexibility, and balance, but also guarantees students’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It enhances their energy levels and improves their sleep patterns. It enables students to concentrate on their studies and stay focused. It refreshes the mood, improves blood circulation, aids digestion, and boosts the immune system. It takes them away from illness. With the help of mindfulness and meditation, students can learn to be calm in difficult situations. It contributes not only to their academic life but also social life.

Overall, Yoga is full of benefits for everyone. At present all of us know what is ‘Yoga’ along with its advantages, but we do not include it in our daily timetable with the help of various excuses. So all schools and parents should motivate their children to include yoga in extra-curriculum activities and timetables.  


A. Write an article on the following:

i)Status of Women in Society

ii)Use of Smartphones in school

iii)Wildlife and Biodiversity

iv)Corruption in India