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 Report Writing

What is called Report?

A report is a written statement of facts that is prepared based on information and investigation. It presents a detailed and complete analysis of an incident or event. It provides us with information about any specific incident or event and assists us in taking an appropriate decision.

General Rules of Report Writing

(i)It should be written based on facts instead of imagination.

(ii)It should be written in passive voice and past tense.

(iii)It should have a suitable title according to the topic.

(iv)It should be written in direct speech.

(v)The entire report should be well-structured and concise with proper presentation skills.


A report is written for a periodical magazine or newspaper, so there are two types of report. (a)Newspaper report (b)Magazine report

Newspaper report:

Newspaper report contains (i)Headline or Title (ii)by line [XYZ, Staff Reporter] (iii)Date and place (iv)Introduction (v)Body or details of the incident (vi)Conclusion

(i) Headline-The headline or the title should be concise, attention-grabbing, and relevant to the incident. It should be an appropriate preview of the main incident.

(ii)by line-Name along with the designation of the reporter should be given.

(iii)Date and place-Date and place should be mentioned at the beginning of writing.

(iv)Introduction-It contains general information about the incident. It provides the readers with key points of the incident and an overview of the issue. It should describe and answers the essential questions of What, Where, When, and How of the incident.  

(v)Body -Details of all information and analysis associated with the events can be arranged in a logical and clear way providing supporting evidence from relevant sources.

(vi)Conclusion-It should describe the outcome of the incident. It should describe steps that are taken for the incident. It should include comments from witnesses. It should wrap up the report with a sense of closure and a clear understanding of the incident.


Q. Write a newspaper report on the ‘Devastating Flood in Assam’.


Devastating Flood in Assam

 XYZ, Staff Reporter

Assam,5th May 2020: A devastating flood occurred in Assam on 3rd May 2022 at 2 pm. Preliminary reports suggest that the Brahmaputra River, Manas, Pagladiya, and Kopili were flowing above the danger level and the width of the Brahmaputra River had been increased due to heavy rainfall, which caused the flood.

Almost five districts were submerged in water, and several houses including pucca buildings and mud houses were destroyed.5474 villagers were badly affected, among them many were suffering from snake-bite and water-borne diseases. A large number of people were missing, more than sixty thousand animals were washed away, and crops were damaged. Telecommunication and electricity Service were being disrupted.

Some special initiatives were taken by the state government of Assam. 150 people were rescued by Assam State Management Authority, and they took refuge in a relief camp. Food, medicine, and cloth are provided to people for their survival. More than fifty buildings were started to be repaired and compensation was given to people who lost all of their wealth. Donations are also given by many people and organizations to contribute to the relief camp in Assam.

Magazine report:

Magazine report contains (i)Title (ii)by line with the designation [XYZ, Cultural Secretary] (iii)details of events

Details of the events can be arranged into three parts-

1. IntroductionIt should describe the What, Where, When and How of the events.

2. BodyIt should describe the outcome of the events.

3. ConclusionIt should describe steps that are taken for the events. It should include comments of the chief guest and other important persons.


Q. Write a report on the magic show which is held in your school.


Magic of Magic Show 

 XYZ, Cultural Secretary

 A magic show was organized in the auditorium of our school on 15th January 2022 at 2 pm. The show was inaugurated by our Principal Sir, Mr. M.K.Ganguly who delivered an inspiring speech. All of the students were excited to enjoy the show, and many of them made a noise to get their place in front of the magician.

The show was started by Mr. Ronit Sengupta, a renowned magician in our locality. He came on the stage with a piece of cloth which had turned into blue color from white color and a white dove flew away over everyone’s head. The magician called many of the students to participate in his magical tricks and said several hymns to produce various magics. We were spellbound to see his magics, and our noisy auditorium had been so calm.

The show was concluded suddenly when a football vanished from the hand of the magician. Then he explained how magics are produced by using the theory of Physics and Chemistry, and why the magics should not be tried by us. Then he proposed a vote of thanks to end the show. At last, the National Anthem was sung, and the curtain of the stage fell.