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Presentation Skills For Answer Script Of English Literature


A few points we should follow to write our answers effectively


 What happens when we read a piece of writing, and can not understand what it is meant to say? We feel disgusted, isn’t it? Yes, the same happens to everyone. So before the examination, we should focus on how to present our answers in a proper way so that our teacher feels good while checking our answer scripts. 

Sometimes we gain knowledge and gather plenty of information, but fail to express them correctly. So we need to acquire the strategy of writing in proper order and expressing our thoughts.

Now how can we learn the strategy of writing in proper order and expressing our thoughts?

→We need to learn and practice all the strategies which enable us to present our answers effectively, which requires strong Presentation Skills.

What are presentation skills while writing answers?

→Presentation skills refer to our way of presenting ideas and thoughts in an organized way with good handwriting, and neat and clean answer scripts. With the help of presentation skills, we deliver our answers to the point. They play a vital role in securing good marks in examinations and always take us one step ahead in examinations.

Why should we have strong presentation skills while writing?

Our Presentation Skills define us to a great extent. They also play a vital role in writing. The way we express our ideas and thoughts on any particular topic and the way we put one sentence after another should follow a proper sequence. The sequence we need in writing needs a lot of effort and practice. Again, the way we attempt questions is depicted in our answer script, which gives an idea to the examiner about us. 

We should present our answer scripts in an organized way in the examination so that our answer scripts can be easily understood and checked by the examiner.

How can Presentation Skills be improved?

→Presentation Skills can be improved by writing answers daily with a focus on writing in a well-organized and presentable way.


Look before you write

At first Draw Margins and borderline

  • Margin should be given equally on 4 sides. 

  • A borderline should be given after completing each answer.

  • Use a Pencil instead of a pen to draw margins and borderline.

Now its time of writing answers 

  • Read questions properly and answer according to the questions. The answer should be written point-wise and to the point.

  • Put all points of your answer in fewer words. Write proverbs and quotes related to the topic in your answer.

  • Attempt your questions section-wise and series-wise so that your answer script becomes easy to be checked.

  • Do not strike your written words. Frame your answer in your mind before you write.

  • Avoid writing wrong spelling and grammar. Instead of wrong spelling, you can write another word that means the same as you intend.

What to do so that your answer scripts look better?

  • Good Handwriting is always preferred by everyone. If it is impossible to write with good handwriting, make sure that your handwriting should be understandable.

  • The question number should be written on the left side of the margin without touching the drawn margin.

  • Use a black or blue ballpoint pen instead of a gel pen. Use a pencil to put a margin instead of a pen.

  • Use active voice more than passive voice to express your ideas, and to keep your writing simple.

  • At the end of your writing check each answer if you have given all points.

  • At last review your answer script before you submit.