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Script of Independence Day

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A very good morning and happy independence day to all of you.

This is the day which is dedicated to our great leaders and freedom fighters of India. This is the day which reminds us of our duties and responsibilities towards our nation. This is the day when we should take an oath of being highly responsible and honest citizens of India. So to express all feelings and passions for our country, let’s move towards the flag hoisting ceremony as a tribute to our motherland. I would like to request our Mr. Ajit Roy Sir to come near the stage for flag hoisting to honour those who fought for our freedom and future.

(After flag hoisting)

Now after flag hoisting it’s time to sing our national anthem.

(After national anthem)

Now I would like to invite our respected Mrs. Jhumpa Roy to enlighten us with wisdom about Independence day which marks the end of British rule and the establishment of a free and independent Indian nation.

(After speech of Mrs. Jhumpa Roy)

Thank you ma’am for your wise words. As we all know Bengal played a pivotal role in the Indian freedom movement, I would like to call Sujata Das who is a student of class X to speak a few words on Independence day and Bengal’s contribution to our nation.

(After speech of Sujata Das)

Thank you Sujata for sharing your precious knowledge about contribution of Bengal in our Independence.

Now I would like to call upon our respected Mrs. Swati Prasad to share her intellect and expertise about Engineering advancement of India.

(After speech of Mrs. Swati Prasad)

Thank you ma’am for infusing our soul with a new vision and mission for our nation.

We are people from different cultures with different religions, but we speak different languages with the same feelings. So we are united as Indians. We are proud of our national identity and our motherland. So I call upon Ipsita Banerjee , a student of class vii to sing a patriotic song.

(After Ipsita Banerjee’s song)

Thank you Ipsita for your heart touching song that makes us remember our glorious past and immense sacrifices of innumerable martyrs whose priceless sacrifices laid the foundation of Independent India.

Now I would like to call upon respected Mrs. Anjana Bose to illuminate us with her knowledge about India from 1940 to 1949.

(After Mrs. Anjana Bose’s speech)

Thank you ma’am for your informative words about the major events that impacted India from 1941 to 1949.Now I would like to call Anindita Sen, a student of class VIII to convey our heartfelt gratitude through her dance.

(After Anindita Sen’s dance)

Thank you Anindita for expressing our gratitude through your marvelous dance.I was indeed a magnificent presentation and a perfect conversation between body and soul.

Now I would like to call Ridhima Sarkar , a student of class VII to recite a poem.

(After Ridhima Sarkar’s recitation)

Thank you Ridhima for your recitation on this auspicious day. It makes us recall our Gurudeva Rabindranath Tagore along with his philosophy and ideology.

Now it’s time to end our cultural program. Thank you all of you for sharing your vital and valuable concepts and participating in our program. We will treasure each word of you in our heart to convey our love and devotion to our motherland.

Once again we salute all our freedom fighters who achieved freedom with flying colours and wish you all a happy independence day.

Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.