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Through the Tunnel

Self -Assessment

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Through th min


Introduction to the story

  • The story ‘Through the Tunnel’ depicts to us a journey of a boy who struggles to surmount all the obstacles in the way of fulfilling his goal, and fulfills his goal with flying colours.

  • The story presents to us the theme of self-discovery, courage, dedication and struggle.

  • It is written in third person narrative.

  • There are three characters in the story-(i)Jerry (ii)Jerry’s mother  (iii)local boys of the France

Short Answer type Questions

1.What does ‘Bonjour’ mean?

Ans: The word ‘Bonjour’ means ‘Good morning’ .

2.What did Jerry’s mother carry?

Ans: Jerry’s mother carried a bright striped bag.

3.Why did Jerry go to the shore with his mother?

Ans: Jerry went to the shore with his mother to spend holidays.  

4.Which was the beach that  Jerry knew from other years ?

Ans: Jerry knew from other years about the crowded beach. 

5. Who were staying under water for a very long time?

Ans: The local boys of France were staying under water for a very long time.

6.What was Jerry familiar with?

Ans: Jerry was familiar with the anxious ,apologetic smile of his mother. 

7.What did Jerry ask his mother to buy ?

Ans: Jerry ask his mother to buy a pair of goggles.

8.How old is Jerry ?

Ans: Jerry was eleven years old.  

9.How did Jerry feel while entering the tunnel at first?

Ans: Jerry felt terrified but determined to get through the tunnel while entering it at first.

10.What did Jerry want to explore?

Ans: Jerry wanted to explore the wild bay.

11.What did Jerry do when he went to the beach the second time?

Ans: Jerry went to the wild bay and jumped off the promontories.

12.Why did jerry clown around while the boys were diving by the rock?

Ans: Jerry clowned to have attention from the local boys of France .As he realized that he could not do what they were doing, he tried to be funny.

13.Why does Jerry leave his mother at the beach?

Ans: Jerry left his mother at the beach because he wanted to explore the other beach, and he also wanted to be independent.

14.Where did Jerry play in the morning?

Ans: Jerry played on the safe beach in the morning.


Long Answer Type Questions

1. When did  Jerry cry alone and why? Why did Jerry hide his feat from his mother?

Ans: Jerry cried alone when Jerry could not dive through the tunnel and the local boys of France left the beach to get away from him. 

Jerry was frustrated as his physical weakness and emotional weakness became an obstacle in the way of performing as the older boys performed. So he cried.

Jerry did not wish to worry his mother .Again, he wanted to prove to himself that he had capability of conquering his fear ,obstacles and physical shortcomings, but did not think that his success needed to be known to his mother.

So he hid his feat from his mother.

2.How is Jerry’s wild bay different from his mother’s safe beach? What concerns did Jerry’s mother face while raising him?

Ans: Jerry’s wild bay  is more secluded and dangerous place which was unknown to Jerry whereas his mother’s beach is a crowded place, which was known to Jerry and his mother . Again, the bay was full of rocks ,and it looked like a wild place where nobody was present ,whereas the beach looked like a safe place.

Jerry’s mother faced some concerns while raising her son. She wanted to protect her son from all the dangers ,and wanted to make him happy. She was torn between letting him take decisions what he liked to do and wishing to keep him close to her always.


A. Answer each of the following questions in a complete sentence:

1.What did Jerry tell his mother that he would like to do?

2.Where does Jerry go on the second day of his vacation?

3.How is Jerry’s preparation unlike the real test?

4. Which two areas of the coast does Jerry looks at when he stands on the path?

5.Why does Jerry clown around while the boys are diving by the rock?

6.Why did Jerry decide that he must do what the other boys had done?

7.What was Jerry thinking of all morning while he played on the safe beach with his mother?

8. What do the local boys do that Jerry fails to do?

B. Answer each of the following questions in not more than 80 words each:

1.Describe what Jerry is experiencing during his journey.

2.Describe Jerry’s encounter with the local boys. What effect does it have on him? Or Why was Jerry happy when he first joined them and how did he feel when he began diving with them?

3.How does Jerry prepare for his task?

4.Identify the internal and external conflicts Jerry faces in the story .

5.What are the major differences between the beach and the bay?

6.How has Jerry changed in the course of this story? Why is going to the bay  “no longer least importance”?

7.What must Jerry prove to himself by swimming through the tunnel?

8.Describe Jerry’s relationship with his mother at the beginning of the story. How does it change at the end of the story?

9. What happens after Jerry returns to the villa?

10. What concerns does Jerry’s mother have about raising him? Why does Jerry’s mother think she must be careful?

11. Briefly summarize how Jerry finally swims through the tunnel. Why is the journey so dangerous?

12. What steps does he take to prepare for swimming? 

13.What does he feel when he finds the entrance to the tunnel and looks into it?

14.The story ‘Through the Tunnel’ explores an individual’s search for identity and acceptance. Discuss with close reference to the text.

C. Do as directed:

1.But the salt was so painful in his eyes that he could not see. (Change into affirmative sentence)

2.She said to Jerry , “How did you bang your head?” (Change the narration)

3.He began splashing and kicking in the water like a foolish dog.(Replace the underlined word with a phrasal verb)

4.Have I been keeping him too close?(Change to past perfect tense)

5.He had found the hole.(Change the voice)

6.He understood that he must swim down to the base rock from the surface of the water. (Replace the underlined word with a phrasal verb)

7.He pushed himself out backward and caught a glimpse , as he retreated . (Replace the underlined word with a phrasal verb)

8.He ran straight into the water. He began swimming.(Join by using Participle)

9.They looked down gravely, frowning.(Split into two sentences)

10.The young English boy stopped at a turning of the path. (Replace the underlined word with a phrasal verb)

11.The impact of the water broke the rubber-enclosed vacuum and the goggles came loose.(Change into a complex sentence)

12. He let himself down into the water with another big stone in his arms.( Rewrite using Relative clause)

13.As soon as breakfast was over he went to the bay.(Change into negative sentence)

14.He could see the local boys diving and playing half a mile away.(Split into two sentences)


♦amusements-funs, ♦ swinging-moving back and forth, ♦conscientiously-things done attentively, ♦contrition-repentance, ♦anxious-worry, ♦sunbathing-sitting in the sun to make your skin hot and darker