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Home to Heaven

Self Assessment

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Short Type Questions

1.Who was Mr. Fang?

Ans: Mr. Fang was one of the leading bankers in the city of Shanghai.

2.In which language would Doris Li Chatter?

Ans: Doris Li would Chatter in some barbarous mixture of English and Chinese.

3.Why did Phyllis come to her home?

Ans: Phyllis came to her to spend the spring holidays.

4.Where did David work?

Ans: David worked in his father’s printing house as a manager.

5.Where did Phyllis work and why?

Ans: Phyllis worked somewhere in a school to entertain herself.

6.What language did Davis like the best?

Ans: Davis liked Chinese very much.

7.Name Mr. Fang’s daughter and mistress .

Ans: Mr. Fang’s daughter is Phyllis, and his mistress is Doris Li.

8.What are the true names of David and Phyllis and What do their names mean?

Ans: The true name of David is Yung An which means Brave peace, and the true name of Phyllis is Ming Shing which means Shinning heart.

9. “He danced desultorily in the afternoon with several girls”.-What does ‘desultorily’ mean?

Ans: The word ‘desultorily’ means without enthusiasm.

10.Where did Phyllis work?

Ans: Phyllis worked somewhere in a school.

11.Whom had David decided earlier in the evening, was the prettiest girl in the room?

Ans: David had decided earlier in the evening, Phyllis was the prettiest girl in the room.

12.When did David felt interested in Phyllis for the first time?

Ans: David felt interested in Phyllis for the first time when he came to know that Phyllis worked somewhere in a school to amuse herself from Mr. Fang .

13.What had David been planning for some ten minutes?

Ans: For some ten minutes David had been planning to go and ask Phyllis to dance with him. 

14.When did Pearl S. Buck receive the Nobel prize in Literature?

Ans: Pearl S. Buck received the Nobel prize in Literature in 1938.

15.Who accompanied Mr. Fang?

Ans: Mr. Fang was accompanied by two ladies. One of them was his daughter, Phyllis, and the other was his latest concubine, a young actress.


Long Type Questions

1.What way did Davis use to express his love for Phyllis at the beginning?

Ans: Davis used all the modern ways that he could use on Phyllis. He took her everywhere , to dance, to the theatre, and he held her hand and seized her by his shoulders , and would have kissed her as a technique of love.

2.What did David realize about his love for Phyllis? What modern techniques did Phyllis not like?

Ans: David realized that he was never near to Phyllis as all the foolish foreign words he had talked to her, and all the modern techniques he used to show love for Phyllis had pushed them apart from each other. He should have spoken Chinese , which was their own language being followed by their own culture instead of western culture.

Phyllis did not like to dance and eat foreign sweets. She did not like to kiss people as it made her feel ill to kiss anyone or to feel anyone’s lips upon her face or hand.

3.Who was the prettiest girl in the room according to David Lin? How did she look?

Ans: According to David Lin, Phyllis was the prettiest girl in the room.

She looked like a bamboo. She was tall, almost as tall as David who wore a soft green long robe, and her was not painted, her hair was curled, long and straight and very black and drawn back from her face into a firm knot on her neck.

4.Who was Doris Li? Why did David hate Doris Li?

Ans: Doris Li was Mr. Fang’s latest concubine and a young actress.

Doris Li looked like an actress who made great eyes moved her body about and her hair flared out from her too pink and rounded face that was painted and powdered artificially. She pretended that she had forgotten the way of speaking her own language as she had been in Paris for a ling time. So David hated Doris Li.

5.What did Phyllis decide at the end the story ‘Home to Heaven’.

Ans: Phyllis decided that they would speak their mother tongue and they would remove their foreign garments and put on their robes again. They would live in old comfortable ways and Phyllis would smoke a water pipe. She would never eat butter, nor any foreign foods, and their table would always be set with bowls and chopsticks, and Phyllis would have a house with courts and no stairs ,where they would have many children.

Textual Grammar:

a)Replace the underlined group verb with a suitable verb.

1.I will take off  these foreign garments.

Ans: I will remove these foreign garments.

2.She was forever putting out her hand.

Ans: She was forever offering her hand.

b)Replace the underlined group verb with a phrasal verb.

1.He seized his concubine and they were off.

Ans: He caught on his concubine and they were off.

2.I will never wear leather shoes again.

Ans: I will never put on leather shoes again.

3.She dropped her hand.

Ans: She brought down her hand.

4.If I refused , you might not come again.

Ans: If I turned away , you might not come again.

C) Change the voice :

1.He could hear her voice.

Ans: Her voice could be heard by him.

2.Her face was not painted.

Ans: Someone did not paint her face.

3. He shouted at the musicians.

Ans: The musicians were shouted at by him.

4.Do you truly like this?

Ans: Is this liked by you truly?

5.Play three more numbers.

Ans: Let three more numbers be played.


A. Answer each of the following questions in about 80 words:

1.Why do you think Phyllis and David Lin were never near to each other?

2.How does P. S. Buck show the need to go back to one’s roots in ‘Home to Heaven’?

3.Justify the title ‘Home to Heaven’.

4.” This was how she truly was, this lovely natural creature…”-How did David and Phyllis get to rediscover themselves at the end of the story ‘Home to Heaven’?

5.What was the manner of Old Fang’s dance at the end of the programme?How were the two ladies accompanying Mr. Fang different from each other?

B. Do as directed:

1.Mr. Fang sat now watching the young people dance.(split into two simple sentences)

2.The tea ended and people began to go away.(Rewrite this sentence using gerund)

3.He could not break away this barrier of modern technique.(Chang into a complex sentence using relative clause)

4.She looked like an actress.(Change into a complex sentence)

5.She does not make enough money for me to be proud of her. (Rewrite using Past Perfect Tense)

6.It’s good to get a good partner.(Rewrite using participle)

7.He could speak the Jargon. (Change the voice)

8.Did her face fall a little? (Change into an assertive sentence)

9. He loved dancing, bounding about the room like a huge balloon in his floating silk robes. (Rewrite this sentence using infinitive)

10.She came laughing.( Underline the participle)

11.She said in a pleasant voice.(Split into two simple sentences)

12.He said, “Play three more numbers and you shall wive a double tip!” (Change the narration)


♦gravely-seriously, ♦concubine-mistress, ♦barbarous-rude, ♦amuse-entertain, ♦desultorily-without interest or enthusiasm, ♦pondered-thought, ♦passionless-without emotion, ♦approved-accept, ♦ gloomily-sadly,♦seized-capture