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What do you mean by comprehension?

Comprehension is an exercise in which you need to understand an unknown passage thoroughly and answer various types of questions. Here you are given some questions to answer, some statements to choose whether it is true or false, some incomplete statements to complete in your language, some synonyms, and antonyms to find out from the given passage, and you also understand the central idea of the passage to select a suitable title for the passage.

Know before you go to comprehend a passage

1. Read the passage many times, and try to understand the general theme of the entire passage.

2. Try to understand the meaning of unknown words and phrases.

3. Read the given questions one by one.

4. Write answers to all the questions in your own words.

5. Be Careful in selecting True or False after understanding the entire context of the passage.

6. Use the same tense in which the questions have been asked.

7. Your answer must be written as per the information and examples given in the passage. can also answer by drawing inferences which are derived only from the passage.

9.With the help of comprehension, a student can enhance his understanding powers and Writing skills.

10. Your answers should be written based on the given passage.

Let’s Practise

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Our habit plays a vital role in shaping our lives. Many times people are unaware of how they are captivated by their habits. They do everything they don’t like doing as a servant of their habits. Habit takes time to be built. During our childhood days, we start speaking, playing, and learning and follow a way of life day by day unknowingly. This is how habits are built not only during childhood but also in every phase of life. 

Most of the time we talk about others’ faults and follies, but don’t introspect ourselves. But do we know why we waste our valuable time this way? Everything we do as our habits persuade us to do it. Often, we see successful people become more successful, and people who fail once, fail many times. Does success take us to the way of success, and does failure take us to be another failure? Then how does a person become successful after a lot of losses? It is our habit of becoming successful or failing. Several people want to change their way of life. They listen to many motivational speeches, watch life-changing movies, and read inspirational books, but they fail in their attempt. Why does it happen? It happens as they don’t change their habits which enslave them now and then.

a)Answer the following in your own words based on the passage.    

i.What are people unaware of?

ii. How habits are built?

iii. What do we often see?

iv. Why can’t several people change their lives?

b)Find words in the passage which have a meaning similar to the words given below:

I. Entranced

ii. stage

iii. foolery

iv. contemplate

c)Choose the correct title from the choices given below.

i. The Importance of Habits

ii. The Importance of success

iii. The Importance of Motivation

d)Identify the following statements as True or False.

i.Habit does not take time to be built.

ii. Most of the time we talk about others’ talents.

iii. Everything we do as our habits persuade us to do it.

e)Choose and write the correct alternative –

i.Habits are built not only during our childhood days but also –

1.   in every phase of life

2.   during adulthood days 

3.   during the adolescence period

ii. Several people cannot change their way of life after listening to –

1.   motivational speeches 

2.   motivational songs

3.   motivational story

iii. _______ enslave several people now and then.

1.   Desires

2.   Habits

3.   Greed